Hey there, I'm Muhammed Nazeem 👋

I am a dedicated software developer driven by a fervent passion for constructing comprehensive full-stack applications, with a particular emphasis on backend development.

With a versatile skill set, I possess proficiency across a spectrum of technologies and programming languages. My forte lies in devising streamlined and impactful solutions for an array of challenges.

Technical Skills

Languages • Go, Rust, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python

Frameworks • React, Next.js, Express, Fastify, Remix, TailwindCSS

Databases • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, SQLite

Tools • Docker, Kubernetes, Git, GitHub Actions, Render, Vercel

Other • Linux, Bash, Vim, Emacs, LaTeX

Work Experience

  1. Company
    Floges Software Solutions
    Software Engineer


  1. Company
    K R Gouri Amma College of Engineering and Technology
    Computer Science and Engineering*